Zero Point Clamping System

With exceptional positional accuracy, Quick·Point provides precise and repeatable multifunctional mounting of different fixtures on machine tables, indexers, cubes, rotary tables and mill-turn machine tools.

  • The lowest zero-point-system on the market (height only 27mm)
  • Maximum pull down force 6000kg
  • Highest precision due to repeat accuracy lower than 0.005mm
  • Simple and sturdy mechanical function
  • Manual clamping with one tightening screw
  • Alternatively, hydraulic or pneumatic clamping possible
  • Highly flexible because clamping studs can easily be adapted to other vices, work pieces or devices


Quick Point offers a quick and accurate clamping system. It is based on four wedge bolts in the pallet that engage with four grooved locating bolts screwed to the vice or fixture. Clamping and unclamping is facilitated by turning a central screw while repeatability is accurate to less than 0.005mm.

The pallets may be mounted onto the machine table by four fixing bolts or by edge/corner clamps. In addition, a round version of the pallet is available so that the vice can be moved from a machining centre to a rotary table, lathe or vice versa.

The Makro·Grip vices fit directly onto the pallets, but the special location bolts can be screwed onto any vice, fixture or raw material for use on the pallets.

A plain fixture plate is available with the location bolts already fitted. In addition a vertically mounted Quick Point base and a five sided Quick Point cube is available.


Heavy machining

This 175kg billet is being held and machined on 4 Quick Point studs. This offers maximum flexibility and tool access to the component. With a small pre-machining operation, anyone can add these studs and clamp directly to the machine bed safe in the knowledge that their part is clamped safely and securely.

This after shot shows how a complex component can be machined on a 5 axis machine in one operation leaving clear access for all machined featured. The 4 Quick Point studs offer 6 tonnes of clamping force which is plenty to hold this 175kg billet.


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