TEC Chuck Jaws

The Right Jaws For The Job

We have developed our standard jaw programme around you, our customers; your requests, applications, problems, productivity, precision, costs and quality.

Serrated Soft Top Jaws

The backbone of our product ranges with over 600 sizes and styles. Standard, pointed, high, wide, diamond and segment types in steel or aluminium to suit chucks from manufacturers all over the world. For every application, we will have the right jaws for the job.

Downloadable PDF: Serrated Soft Top Jaws

Serrated Hard Top Jaws

Adjustagrip jaws are designed to provide maximum grip during 1st. operation work; these jaws allow increased feed rates, depth of cut and are ideal for rough castings and raw stock. Hard reversible jaws are made to suit a wide range of chucks with metric or imperial serrations, either double or single step types with gripping teeth to cover a wide diameter range.

Downloadable PDF: Serrated Hard Top Jaws

Slot & Tenon Soft Top Jaws

Suitable for all types of quick jaw change chucks and manual two piece jaw chucks. Standard, large, wide, diamond and segment jaws in aluminium and steel.

Downloadable PDF: Slot/Tenon Soft Top Jaws

Slot & Tenon Hard Top Jaws

Adjustagrip jaws designed to provide maximum grip during 1st. Operation work – these jaws allow increased feed rates, depth of cut – ideal for rough castings and raw stock. Hard Reversible Jaws to suit a wide range of quick change jaw chucks.

Downloadable PDF: Slot/Tenon Hard Top Jaws

Soft and Hard Scroll Jaws

Soft and hard scroll jaws for manual chucks and the Indexahex system for scroll chucks, offering up to six gripping faces and wrap-around capability.

Downloadable PDF: Scroll Soft & Hard Jaws

Base Jaws and Monoblok Jaws

Quick change base jaws and soft one piece monoblok jaws for different quick change jaw chucks. Replacement serrated base jaws for wedge style power chucks.

Downloadable PDF: Base Jaws & Monoblok Jaws

Inogrip Jaws

Unique patented jaw system for low and high pressure clamping with a very secure grip performance. Clamping on only 6mm of material is possible.

Downloadable PDF: Inogrip Jaws
Informational Video: click here

Quick Change Jaws

Convert your standard power chuck into a quick change jaw chuck.

Downloadable PDF: Quick Change Jaws Technical Data

Multi-Point Rocker Jaws

Designed to overcome two problems associated with thin walled components, like rings: firstly they give six points of grip equally spaced which reduces tri-lobing and secondly the rocking mechanism compensates for any out-of- roundness which is a common problem with castings and forgings.

Downloadable PDF: Multi-Point Rocker Jaws

Tri-Square Top Jaws

For clamping bar and square section on 3 jaw chucks.

Downloadable PDF: Tri-Square Top Jaws

Jaw Insert Systems

Plastic or aluminium inserts for gentle clamping.

Downloadable PDF: Jaw Insert Systems

Special Jaw Service

Whilst our standard solutions will cover a large proportion of your needs, we also have over 50 years of designing and manufacturing special jaws to suit individual applications. Each and every year we produce hundreds of sets of problem solving jaw solutions to help our customers increase their productivity.

Downloadable PDF: Special Jaw Service


Single, double and special T-Nuts. Precision ground to suit a wide selection of power chucks.

Downloadable PDF: T-Nuts

Inozet Bridges and Jaws

Inozet pendulum bridges turn a 3 jaw chuck into a 6 jaw compensating chuck ideal for large rings.

Downloadable PDF: Inozet Bridges & Jaws

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