Lang 5-axis Workholding

Grip·Fix and Makro·Grip

The perfect solution for 5-axis machining – the locked in workholding advantage for milling.

The Lang Grip·Fix workholding system offers exceptionally secure holding for high performance milling with optimal access for 5 face machining, clamping on only 2 or 3mm.

The unique patented stamping technology gives you the highest holding power available at the lowest clamping force. Suitable for steel, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, copper, brass, etc.

How Grip·Fix locks in your work piece in seconds.

  • Minimum clamping depth of work pieces 2 or 3mm
  • Gives enormous material savings
  • Highest holding power at minimum clamping force by positive lock technology
  • Gives maximum clamping security and strength with minimum material deformation
  • High-tech holding tooth design
  • Gives highest repeat accuracy smaller than 0. 01mm
  • Use with Makro•Grip vices to give the best accessibility to work piece
  • Allows application of short tools -reduced vibrations and longer life to produce best finish
  • No pre-op work on material is needed, because stamping/indentation is done directly onto saw cut and scaled surface of the raw material
  • Highest reduction of set-up time


The patented centring vice ideal for secure 5 face machining.

  • Best accessibility for 5 axis machining
  • Minimum possible collision paths
  • Maximum clamping force at lowest actuation force due to patented stamping technology
  • Highest repeatability by clamping work pieces in holding teeth contour of jaw – no end stops needed
  • Large clamping range due to reversible jaws
  • Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices and integrated Quick·Point Zero-Point clamping stud
  • Clamping depth from 2mm up saving high material costs

Makro·Grip® is available in several sizes to suit small to large work pieces

Makro·Grip® 46

Clamping range up to 105mm with jaw width of 46mm

Makro·Grip® 77

Clamping range up to 200mm with jaw width of 77mm

Makro·Grip® 125

Clamping range up to 355mm with jaw width of 125mm

Makro·Grip® at Work

Profile Clamping with Makro·Grip®

Makro·Grip® vices can be retrofitted with master jaw carriers that take a machinable
soft top jaw in either steel or aluminium.

  • Available for Makro-Grip Vices 77 & 125
  • Accurate positioning of soft top jaws via precision key ways
  • Machinable top jaws allow multiple profiles
  • Top jaws available in steel or aluminium
  • Make your own top jaws – drawings on request
Makro·Grip® base with soft jaw master jaw carriers
Soft Top Jaws in steel or aluminium
Machined jaws with work piece.

Downloadable PDF: Grip•Fix

Downloadable PDF: Makro Grip