HWR Innovative Clamping

Inoflex® / Inozet® / Inotop® / Inogrip®


The compensating 4-Jaw Manual Chuck

This chuck design offers unbeatable clamping flexibility its compensating features allowing the ability to securely clamp round, cubic and geometrically irregular workpieces when milling or turning. Conventional chucks operate with all jaws moving in the same direction either towards or away from the centre of the chuck whist the Inoflex® chuck operates with the jaws moving together or apart on two parallel axes. Compensation is provided to the diametrically connected base jaws by a sliding gate type gear mechanism.

  • For concentric and compensating clamping
  • For clamping round, cubic and geometrically irregular workpieces
  • Suitable for deformation sensitive workpieces
  • Suitable for turning or milling machines
  • Available as manual clamping for diameter range 160-1200mm

Downloadable PDF: InoFlex


Cure your out of roundness

The award-winning InoZet clamping system developed by HWR has been designed primarily to lower out of roundness on turned parts to an acceptable level and is particularly relevant to the machining of large ring-type workpieces. By converting a standard three-jaw chuck into a six-jaw chuck the clamping forces are distributed more evenly around the workpiece. This contributes to reduced distortion of the workpiece and to a significant improvement in machined roundness – for example, an InoZet segment – which takes a range of standard clamping jaws including soft, hard and segment styles for internal and external clamping – functions as a ‘bridge’ with up to 10 degrees of pendulum movement. The net result is that the workpiece is effectively self-centred as the clamping force is applied and the out-of-balance effect is virtually eliminated. Out of roundness on a 610 mm turned diameter can be reduced from 0.20 mm to 0.03mm.

  • The 3 jaw chuck becomes a compensating 6-jaw chuck
  • One set of jaws for the entire clamping range
  • Ideal for machining deformation sensitive parts
  • Outstanding roundness results
  • Easy to set up and handle
  • Save time and money
  • Available for a wide range of power chucks

Downloadable PDF: InoZet


Clamping without pressure

This jaw system is perfect for thin walled parts to achieve the best possible roundness results. Working on the principle of centring the workpiece on the outside diameter without pressure and then clamping from the inside diameter InoTop® thus prevents unwanted polygon formation in the clamping process. These jaws are ideal for deformation sensitive parts that otherwise prove troublesome to machine accurately.

  • Part centred without pressure from outside for clamping without polygon formation
  • Perfect roundness results
  • Controlled moving jaw for defined force transmission
  • Low-cost solution to a costly problem
  • Ideal for thin walled workpieces and small batches

Downloadable PDF: InoTop


Low clamping force but maximum holding force

The patented stamping technique produces a positive fit with 10 times higher holding force as with conventional gripper jaws.

Turning with positive fit, firstly the workpiece is stamped in the stamping station. This positive fit between the workpiece and the precise tooth form on the jaws now makes it possible to reliably clamp the workpiece with just a fraction of the previously necessary clamping force if the workpiece is deformation sensitive. If the workpiece is solid the higher clamping pressure can be used to securely hold the material whilst both roughing and finishing operations are performed. All materials with a consistency of up to 1,400N/mm² can be stamped.

  • Low clamping force
  • High holding force approx. 10 times higher than conventional gripper jaws
  • Only 6mm clamping depth compared to 20-25mm with conventional gripper jaws
  • Polygon formation prevented
  • Best roundness results
  • Saves expensive material waste costs
  • Can be used on all standard power chucks

Downloadable PDF: InoGrip